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William B. Rogers

In 1903 Rogers was a wealthy young man who had graduated from Harvard in June of 1896 and married the beautiful young Augusta Kellogg on Kellogg's Island in Lake Champlain. They would summer on the island while Rogers and his brother-in-law, Henry F. Kellogg raced sailboats.  He fathered three children: Susan Elizabeth, William Jr., and Mary Bowditch. Rogers had three sailboats and a motor yacht. His raced the Witchcraft and won the Ladies Cup with her in 1903 and 1905. He and his family kept and used Witchcraft II from 1903 to 1920. 

B. Karl Sharp

Purchased the Witchcraft II in December of 1920 and sold her March of 1921.  

Frank C. Sullivan

While Commodore Sullivan owned the "Witchcraft II", he modified her to suit his sailing style and to make her easier to handle. The Harlem Yacht Club featured her on their cover in December 1939.


Frank and his love affair with "The Witch" lasted twenty-two years. Sullivan took the "Witchcraft II" on any number of weekend cruises. Frank never married and he died in 1948 five years after selling the "Witchcraft II".

Ken and Dorothy Saffer

They purchased the Witchcraft in February of 1943.  They brought the vessel to Maryland, in spite of dangerous conditions during WWII.  The Saffers made the journey safely and enjoyed her until they sold her in April of 1946.

Aubrey L. Robertson

Aubrey L. Robertson bought Witchcraft in April of 1946.  He sold her in June of 1958.

David S. Butler Sr.

 On June 20, 1958,  Navy Commander, David S. Butler Sr. bought the Witchcraft. He had two teenage sons, David Jr. and William Bryan. They sailed the Witchcraft on the Chesapeake. David Sr. sold her in June of 1960 when he was relocated to Florida.  David Sr. is the Father of the current owner David Jr.


James and Kathleen Thorpe

They purchased the Witchcraft in June of 1960's from the Butlers and sold her in February of 1966.

Paul Itzel

Prior to purchasing the Witchcraft Paul attended college and served in the military.  Paul found the Witchcraft in 1970.  She was in rough shape and purchased her from her elderly owner for $1200.  He moved on to the Witchcraft and started a 30-year restoration project.  Paul passed away on October 4, 2015.

David S. Butler Jr.

He purchased the Witchcraft from Paul and retained him as his captain in 2008.  Together the two of them continued their work on the Witchcraft.  Dave and his wife Dee  enjoy spending the "Season" in the Pasadena area and taking the Witchcraft sailing with friends and family.

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